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About Lifelong Realty, Inc.

It all stems from our dedication to your growth and development. There’s no wonder our realtors are more successful. This system is the foundation for providing the ultimate in service for our clients. These are just some of the many reasons that more and more realtors are taking their careers to the pinnacle of success by joining Lifelong Realty, Inc..

Success Stories
Ricks Lifelong Realty is a company with many years of tradition. The current owner, Scott McClaine, was groomed and taught by the original founder of the company for many years. The sharing and transformation of his knowledge has prepared Scott to continue to give his expertise to the agents who are currently with the company. Experience in the real estate industry coupled with knowledge, are ingredients for success. The working atmosphere and relationship with Scott is comfortable. His availability and willingness to help cannot be underestimated. I feel any "serious" realtor will enjoy working with this company.
Sharon Boone
4) I am highly pleased with being a real estate consultant working under the guidance of Scott McClaine and his wonderful partner in life, Angela. As a new agent I felt like I had joined a new family. They are never too busy to answer any questions that I have, no matter how big or small. Their philosophy is that they are here to help all their agents make more money by being more than just a traditional agent, but by being a professional consultant that clients will work with and refer to all life long. At Ricks Lifelong Realty, Inc. Scott has all the tools you need to be successful in the real estate business (tutorials, books, scripts, sales` meetings, monthly first time homeowner seminars, cds, cassettes and personal experience). All we need is your determination and willingness to do what it takes to help us grow as a family.
Angie Fields
Having been associated with 2 other real estate companies prior to joining Ricks Lifelong Realty, I can say with conviction that this firm truly cares about its agents. Ricks Lifelong Realty provides its agents with the necessary tools for success through extensive training and unparalleled broker accessibility. If you desire to take your business to the next level Ricks Lifelong Realty is the place to be! Looking forward to see you on the team!
Peter Hlad
If you re thinking about the real estate profession as a career and you re wondering how to get started, talk to Scott McClaine. He speaks from experience. This is a person with a very positive attitude who sets goals and takes steps to achieve them. His rise from sales person to Broker is remarkable and his leadership, exceptional. If you want to be inspired, get started the right way. Join Scott at Ricks Lifelong Realty, Inc.
Sylvia Lambert
I use to work for a large franchise. I was still new to the business so it was important for me to have regular training and to get my questions answered quickly. In the evenings and on weekends, the times I use to work a lot, I had a hard time getting in touch with my manager and the broker. I felt like I was going in circles and began to get frustrated. Once I joined Ricks Lifelong Realty, Inc.; my business increased and my frustration decreased. I became a more well rounded individual, taking regular vacations and having a life. We have the tools necessary to take our business wherever we want it to go. At Lifelong, Scott and Angela; the broker/owners really care about us. They were agents before they became owners so they know what we go through. What we need, how we feel and what we say does matter here. The things that are important to us, is important to them. I know I m more than just a person bringing in a commission check. It s really nice when I talk to agents at different companies, past clients and people in the community and they tell me how nice Scott and Angela are. We do business the old fashion way, with integrity! If you re looking for a company where people really do come first, come join us!
Tanya Judon-Winston

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